Want to know what camp will be like? Here's what you can expect during your first 8 hours on the campsite!

Meet Your Counselor:

Atteeeention! We can't wait to welcome you to camp! One of the first things we do once you arrive is to pair you with a counselor who will accompany you and your cabin mates this week. Our counselors are trained and ready to answer your questions from God's Word, encourage you in your walk with Christ, compete for your team, and help build memories that will last a lifetime.

Get Settled:

You’ll be in a cabin with 6 or 7 other campers who are approximately your same age/grade. Your cabin mates could be a friend that came with you, or a new friend from another state or even another country. Together you’ll participate in many activities throughout the week and hopefully become great friends long after camp has ended.

Free Time:

Once you've taken your stuff to your cabin, you'll have some free time to enjoy the activities in the Junior Boot Camp area. Play foosball or air hockey in the General Headquarters (GHQ), climb some of the obstacles in the Basic Training area, or maybe try to not get hit in the Dodgeball Arena.

Meet Your Team:

Every cabin is part of one of two great teams that compete all week in various crazy competitions. Team competition is an important aspect of your experience at Junior Boot Camp. Working together as part of something bigger than yourself to accomplish common goals is something that translates to lots of areas of life, including our relationship in Christ with His church.


As you can probably tell, we try to be intentional about what we desire to accomplish with each week of camp, and we want you to be on board with that as well. At the beginning of each week we take a few minutes to make sure we're on the same page, in true Wilds style. We know each church and family does things a little differently, so we want to be clear on what we are asking of each camper at The Wilds. For example: 

  • All campers should wear modest, knee-length clothing
  • We'll have a distraction free week without our electronic devices
  • Jump into the games and activities, and give your best for your team
  • Be ready for God to do an amazing work in your life

Following these guidelines will help us be unified in our purposes of honoring God and enjoying life at camp.


Most weeks of camp start out with a camper favorite: pizza! Many of the meals at JBC are served on the grounds, so get with your counselor, grab a plate and head through the line. Other meals will be served family style in the Dining Hall, where a waitress will keep your table well-supplied with delicious food. 


We intentionally set aside time each evening to focus on God's Word. Everyone will gather together for a time of heartfelt singing and opening our Bibles to hear from God's Word by a speaker gifted in sharing Truth with juniors.


It's time to get outside and leave it all on the JBC Ballfield in a classic Wilds game or maybe a brand new one! Throughout the week we'll have various games that everyone can play regardless of athletic ability or size. Give your all so your team can capture the victory at the end of the week.

Lights Out:

With all the activities of camp, we want to make sure you get the rest you need each evening. After a brief time of devotions and prayer as a cabin, it's time to get to bed so you're ready for all God has in store for you in the action-packed and Word-saturated week ahead.

What is there to do?

More than you have time for! From Air Hockey to the all new Space Simulator, there's no excuse for being bored.

What do I need to bring?

We've created a helpful packing list so you can be sure to have all the things you need for a great week of camp.

What if I have more questions?

No problem! See our FAQ for more information, or contact our helpful staff to get your questions answered.