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  • The Wilds Songbook Accompaniment CD

    Accompaniment CD 5 Songs
    This CD is an accompaniment track for the 8th Edition Songbook. It includes piano accompaniment for each song in the songbook.
    0:30 1 Servant's Heart
    0:30 2 Almighty Father
    0:30 3 His Robes for Mine
    0:30 4 How Can I Fear
    0:30 5 How Great Thou Art
    5 Songs
  • The Wilds Songbook (8th ed.)

    The Wilds Songbook (8th ed.)

    Note: The Wilds is pleased to announce the release of the Ninth Edition of The Wilds Songbook this coming summer! Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks. This…

Showing all 2 results