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  • Gentle Savior

    Music by Brian Buda / Matt Taylor
    SATB ePrint Available Orchestration Available
    Worship our Savior with this beautiful and solemn prayer. The guitar, mandolin, violin, and piano set up a meditative and thoughtful atmosphere. A wonderful encouragement to seek Christ with a…
    ePrint Available
    Orchestration Available
  • Does Jesus Care

    Music by Reba Snyder Miller
    SATB ePrint Available
    Having a firm assurance in the care of Jesus allows the weary to find rest. This piece turns our tears to joy as we reflect on the love and kindness…
    ePrint Available
  • ePrint Available
  • ePrint Available
  • The Wilds Songbook 9th Ed. Accompaniment CD

    Accompaniment CD
    This 7-CD set contains accompaniment tracks for the 9th Edition Songbook. It includes piano accompaniment for each song in the songbook.
  • Giving Him the Glory

    Vocal recording 13 Songs Available on iTunes Available on Amazon
    Since The Wilds beginning in 1969, we’ve continually been reminded by our spiritual heritage to keep Giving Him the Glory in everything we do! Music has always been a greatly…
    0:41 1 Christ Is Sufficient
    0:46 2 My God Is Near
    0:34 3 It Was for Me
    0:40 4 He Is Risen
    0:42 5 The One Who Lives Again
    0:37 6 Almighty, Unchangeable God
    0:32 7 You Are the Christ
    0:38 8 I Have Come To Save You
    0:38 9 Only Trust Him
    0:44 10 Servant's Heart
    0:41 11 His Wondrous Love
    0:41 12 Lord Send Me Anywhere
    0:41 13 May the Lord Find Us Faithful
    13 Songs
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  • The Wilds Songbook (9th ed.)


    Out of Stock

    This book is great for youth groups, chapel programs, activities, or just for singing at home around the piano or with a guitar. This spiral-bound resource includes 209 hymns and…
  • Stress Less Trust More: Meditations to Manage Stress and Anxiety

    by Rand Hummel
    Bible Study
    Written by an experienced youth minister, Rand Hummel, this book digs up the roots of stress–sin, time, relationships, security, and spiritual maturity–and offers meditations for overcoming stress and anxiety that…
  • Made Me Free

    Made Me Free

    Music by David Danner
  • The Bible Stands

    Music by Faye López
    SATB ePrint Available Orchestration Available
    ePrint Available
    Orchestration Available
  • God Has Spoken

    Vocal recording 17 Songs Available on iTunes Available on Amazon
    God has spoken! He breathed out His Word through human writers to give us the Bible. We have the full canon of Scripture. What a precious gift! In Psalm 19…
    0:30 1 The Spirit’s Sword
    0:30 2 God Has Spoken
    0:30 3 Lord, Write Your Truth
    0:30 4 O God, My Joy
    0:30 5 God’s Word, My Guide
    0:30 6 We Will Follow
    0:30 7 For Me to Live Is Christ
    0:30 8 The Bible Stands
    0:30 9 God’s Word Shall Stand Forever
    0:30 10 Hide Your Word
    0:30 11 Bread of Our Souls
    0:30 12 Jesus, Your Grace
    0:30 13 The Word of God
    0:30 14 Your Living Word
    0:30 15 Holy Place
    0:30 16 Holy Bible, Book Divine
    0:30 17 God’s Sufficient Word
    17 Songs
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    Available on Amazon
  • Choral Series 38

    Preview pack 19 Songs
    This preview pack includes one copy of each song in Choral Series 38 as well as the demo CD.
    3:52 1 God Has Spoken
    3:04 2 The Bible Stands
    3:41 3 Endless Mercies
    3:05 4 Bread of Our Souls
    3:10 5 For Me to Live Is Christ
    3:16 6 God's Sufficient Word
    3:58 7 God's Word, My Guide
    3:10 8 God's Word Shall Stand Forever
    3:40 9 Hide Your Word
    2:54 10 Holy Bible, Book Divine
    4:20 11 Holy, Holy, Holy
    3:46 12 Holy Place
    3:20 13 Jesus, Your Grace
    3:15 14 Lord, Write Your Truth
    3:47 15 O God, My Joy
    3:31 16 The Spirit's Sword
    3:43 17 We Will Follow
    4:13 18 The Word of God
    2:31 19 Your Living Word
    19 Songs

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