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  • Giving Him the Glory

    Vocal recording 13 Songs
    Since The Wilds beginning in 1969, we’ve continually been reminded by our spiritual heritage to keep Giving Him the Glory in everything we do! Music has always been a greatly…
    0:41 1 Christ Is Sufficient
    0:46 2 My God Is Near
    0:34 3 It Was for Me
    0:40 4 He Is Risen
    0:42 5 The One Who Lives Again
    0:37 6 Almighty, Unchangeable God
    0:32 7 You Are the Christ
    0:38 8 I Have Come To Save You
    0:38 9 Only Trust Him
    0:44 10 Servant's Heart
    0:41 11 His Wondrous Love
    0:41 12 Lord Send Me Anywhere
    0:41 13 May the Lord Find Us Faithful
    13 Songs
  • Tervis Insulated 20 oz. Travel Tumbler

    This double-walled 20 ounce tumbler features our 50th Anniversary logo and offers all the benefits of stainless steel. Up to 24 hours cold and 8 hours hot Double-wall vacuum insulation…
  • 50th Anniversary Journal

    Vinyl hard cover journal with an interior gusseted pocket on back inside cover and 192 ivory lined pages (non-refillable).
  • Stress Less Trust More: Meditations to Manage Stress and Anxiety

    by Rand Hummel
    Bible Study

    Out of Stock

    Written by an experienced youth minister, Rand Hummel, this book digs up the roots of stress–sin, time, relationships, security, and spiritual maturity–and offers meditations for overcoming stress and anxiety that…
  • Made Me Free

    Made Me Free

    Music by David Danner
  • The Bible Stands

    Music by Faye López
    SATB ePrint Available Orchestration Available
    ePrint Available
    Orchestration Available
  • God Has Spoken

    Vocal recording 17 Songs Available on iTunes Available on Amazon
    God has spoken! He breathed out His Word through human writers to give us the Bible. We have the full canon of Scripture. What a precious gift! In Psalm 19…
    0:30 1 The Spirit’s Sword
    0:30 2 God Has Spoken
    0:30 3 Lord, Write Your Truth
    0:30 4 O God, My Joy
    0:30 5 God’s Word, My Guide
    0:30 6 We Will Follow
    0:30 7 For Me to Live Is Christ
    0:30 8 The Bible Stands
    0:30 9 God’s Word Shall Stand Forever
    0:30 10 Hide Your Word
    0:30 11 Bread of Our Souls
    0:30 12 Jesus, Your Grace
    0:30 13 The Word of God
    0:30 14 Your Living Word
    0:30 15 Holy Place
    0:30 16 Holy Bible, Book Divine
    0:30 17 God’s Sufficient Word
    17 Songs
    Available on iTunes
    Available on Amazon
  • Choral Series 38

    Preview pack
    This preview pack includes one copy of each song in Choral Series 38 as well as the demo CD.
  • Choral Series 38 Demo CD

    Demo CD
    A demo recording of Choral Series 38 accompanied by piano and orchestra. Sheet music and accompaniment CDs are also available.
  • God Has Spoken

    Music by Greg Habegger / Richard Nichols
    Hymn / SATB ePrint Available Orchestration Available Free Hymn
    How has God spoken to man? From the opening lyrical section to the triumphant climax,this song clearly presents the means that God has used to communicate–creation, Scripture, and Christ, the…
    ePrint Available
    Orchestration Available
    Free Hymn
  • Your Living Word

    Music by Darcy Stanley
    SATB ePrint Available Orchestration Available Free Hymn
    ePrint Available
    Orchestration Available
    Free Hymn

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