The Wilds Staff

Seasonal Staff

Each year The Wilds hires several young adults (college age or recent college graduates) to serve as seasonal staff members during our non-summer season from August to May. Because it is a paid position, only a limited number of positions are available each year, and decisions for the upcoming year are typically made in March.

No matter where God leads you, serving on The Wilds staff is sure to give you a broad ministry experience that will be helpful in your future occupation. Through the unique benefits of camping, seasonal staff members will develop their interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, and philosophy of Biblical ministry.

If you meet the qualifications, we would love to have you join the crew! Keep reading for more information, or click below to apply!

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What to Expect

The three goals for seasonal staff are:

1. Know Camp

Staff members will receive an all-around experience of The Wilds by working in a variety of camp departments—from program to Dining Hall operations, they will learn how camp really works.

2. Know and Develop Gifts

Serving at The Wilds will challenge staff members mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually. They can experience the joy of serving God in a fast-paced environment with a group of like-minded young people.

3. Know God

It is the desire of The Wilds that all of our staff grow in knowledge of the Bible and closer to their God. Seasonal staff members will receive encouragement and advice from full-time staff members and have various opportunities to share God’s love with campers.


Seasonal staff will have the opportunity to serve in a variety of different areas at The Wilds, including program, the Dining Hall, and operations. By the end of the season, they will have a broad understanding of multiple aspects of camp.

Opportunities for spiritual growth abound as seasonal staff learn from a variety of sources. Accountability partners, small group Bible studies, top-notch speakers, godly relationships, and more are all part of the experience. They are also encouraged to take an active role in a nearby local church and to cultivate their own personal relationship with God.