Ministry Helps

In these difficult times, The Wilds would like to offer some additional resources to help you in your spiritual growth.

Four Stabilizing Truths

This is a brand new Bible study resource that is available for download. Four Stabilizing Truths encourages meditation on four life-changing principles that Ken Collier captured years ago and can be helpful for both teens and adults. It can either be printed out or filled out electronically. There is also a card available for download that can be a visual reminder of the stability that God has provided for His people. Please feel free to use these resources to encourage others.

Four Stabilizing Truths   Reminder Cards

James God & I Time Study

Study through this practical principle packed book of the Bible by yourself or with some friends. The PDF download below can either be printed out or filled out on a computer using software like Adobe Reader.

James: A Guidebook to Spiritual Maturity

Study through Romans

Listen to one of our camp speakers from this summer, evangelist Andy Gleiser, teach through the impactful, life-changing truths of four different sections of Romans 6, and then study through them again yourself with the linked daily God & I Time study.

Watch the Series!
God & I Time Sheets
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4