Q: What is WildsPay?

WildsPay is a way for campers and sponsors to purchase items at camp without having to use or carry cash. At check-in, campers using WildsPay will be given a waterproof wristband that is linked to the account set up by their parents that will be used for making all purchases at camp. Purchases will be made by scanning their wristband at the register or vending machine.

The goal is to help eliminate the need for cash and loose change.

Q: How do I sign up my camper for WildsPay?

Parents of campers will receive an email two weeks before camp with a link where they can preload an account for their camper using a debit or credit card. Follow the instructions in the email to add funds for each camper you are sending to camp BEFORE the camper arrives at camp.

Q: Can I add funds to my camper’s account using cash?

No. Parents and sponsors will NOT be able to use cash to add funds to a camper’s account. WildsPay can only be funded by a debit or credit card. Parents and sponsors should do their best to have this done BEFORE arriving at camp.

Q: Can my camper use cash at camp instead of using WildsPay?

Yes. All vendors will still accept cash; however, campers will be responsible for any and all cash they bring to camp. Counselors will not be using the money envelope system or holding cash for campers.

Q: What happens when my camper runs out of money?

Parents will receive an email anytime their camper’s funds drop below $5. Parents can add funds to their camper’s account at any time during a week of camp using a credit or debit card.

Q: What happens to remaining funds at the end of the week?

If the balance is $5 or greater, it will be refunded to the original card used to create the account. If the balance is $4.99 or less, the money will be donated to The Wilds Scholarship Fund or the Current Fundraiser Project.

Q: What if my camper’s pay band is lost or stolen?

If our cashier finds that the account photo does not match the person making the purchase, we will not process the payment and will return the band back to the correct camper. A camper can report his/her band as lost, stolen, or damaged, and we will deactivate it and transfer the funds to a new band.