Q: How does our church pay the final balance?

Your churches final balance is due upon arrival at camp. We do not accept church or personal credit cards on Monday, only cash or checks.

Q: What would delay the registration process?

The form must be completely filled out including the grade for the upcoming school year. If the agreement concerning the dress and conduct regulations has not been signed by the camper or the medical release has not been signed by the parent, the application will be returned. The $50 non-refundable deposit must accompany each registration. If the deposit is not received, the registration will not be processed until the deposit is received by our office.

Q: What is the fastest way to register campers and sponsors?

To reduce delays in registering:

A. Register online or mail, fax, or e-mail (as an attachment) registration forms (available here) to the Taylors office. Please call to confirm that your forms were received.

B. Payment should be made to The Wilds using either:

  • One church check or
  • One Visa/Master Card/Discover card information.

All registrations are processed in the Taylors, South Carolina, office. If using UPS or other overnight mail service, use the following street address:

The Wilds Christian Association, Inc.
3201 Rutherford Road
Taylors, SC 29687-0009

Q: Can sponsors bring their children to camp?

Limited space is available for sponsors to bring their children (ages 0-8*) during any week this summer. Because there will be no childcare provided, children will need to remain with a parent during the services and sponsor meetings. For availability and pricing, please contact a registration secretary.

*If your child is at least 9 years old by September 1st of that camp year, he or she will attend the junior or teen camp program.

Q: Do sponsors need to register?

Yes, please fill out the same registration form as the campers. There is a box to check for adult sponsor. Because sponsor accommodations are limited, we ask that you only bring a minimum number of sponsors. Please register only one couple per 10-15 campers. You will be contacted if we are unable to house all your sponsors on the campsite.

Q: Can I access the internet?

Yes. We have free wireless internet at several locations on the campsite.

Q: Where do sponsors stay?

The sponsors stay in hotel style accommodations on the campsite. Many stay in our Fremont Inn, while the rest stay in our Lodge. Linens are provided.

Q: Do I have a separate schedule from the campers?

Yes and no. There are scheduled sponsor meetings, but much of your schedule revolves around the campers. There are prayer meetings each day and recreational opportunities (golf, shopping, softball, rafting) for sponsors as well.

Q: Will I get to spend any time with my youth group?

Yes. On Thursday morning you have approximately 1 hour to spend time in testimony and fellowship. This is also a great time to communicate any announcements to your teens regarding departure. The teens also have scheduled Freetime each day when it is very easy to be in contact with them.

Q: Am I able to leave early?

The earliest you are able to leave is on Friday night, after the evening service. We do encourage you to stay until Saturday morning if possible.

Q: When does a week close to new groups?

Registration for each camp will remain open until the camp is 80 percent filled. At that time, registration will be closed to any groups that do not have at least 5 campers registered (not including sponsors) for Teen Camp and 3 campers for Junior Boot Camp. When a week closes to groups, an email will be sent to each church registered informing them of the exact spaces available for male and female campers before starting a waiting list. Campers can be added to a church group until each available spot is taken and the waiting list begins. Teen and junior registrations are completely separate. Registering 5 or more teen campers does not register your group in Junior Boot Camp and registering 3 or more junior campers does not register your group in Teen Camp.

Q: Can all our campers stay in the same cabin?

Our philosophy is based on ministering to the individual, a goal best attained by keeping only two or three campers from the same church in the same cabin. Family Reunions, a time when a church’s teen group is brought together, are held on Thursday mornings. Cabins are divided by junior high and senior high ages. Roommate requests must be received in writing at least 10 days before your week of camp.

Q: Where do I find registration forms?

In the main menu, under About click on Brochures. Or click here.

Q: Is it worth registering early?

Absolutely! You get a discount as well as being able to choose the week that best fits your church’s needs.