Q: What should I bring to camp?

Bible, bedding, pillow, towels, toiletries, camera, flashlight, spending money (for the PX, Canteen, and Craft Shop), swimsuit, jacket, sports clothes for activities, nice casual clothes for informal services, and at least one old pair of tennis shoes.

Feel free to use this checklist to help with packing.

Q: What if I get hungry in the middle of the day?

You can take advantage of the Cool Beans Express where you can buy Italian crème sodas or head over to the Canteen to get some junk food to stave off your hunger! You can buy chips, ice cream, candy bars, and other snacks there.

Q: Will I like the food?

We hear all the time that our food is awesome! Whether eating a meal in the Dining Hall served by your smiling waitress or enjoying an outdoor picnic, you’ll always have plenty of delicious food.

Q: What if I have special dietary requirements?

Please contact us if you have special dietary requirements. We would love to work with you! Our food service team will be able to provide you with a menu and help you determine which foods from our menu you will be able to enjoy. At this time, we are unable to serve alternative foods for campers with special dietary needs, but you may bring supplemental food with you. We have freezer, refrigerator, and pantry space in our Dining Hall that you will have access to at meal times, and there is a toaster oven and microwave available as well. We will also send you detailed instructions on the best way to prepare and package the supplemental food you bring.

Q: What is the schedule like?

You can see a sample schedule. Each day’s schedule has a great balance of time learning from God’s Word, all-camp games and activities, and free time with your counselor.

Q: How many services are there each day?

Usually there are two services a day, morning chapel time and the evening service. Services include singing, special music, and energetic preaching from God’s Word.

Q: What is there to do at camp?

Along with your counselor and cabin mates you will have fun trying to squeeze in all of the following activities: Basic Training, bouldering wall, Carpetball, Dodge ‘em Pit, hiking to the waterfalls, treehouse, Commando Trails, Land Trolley, Climbing Wall, Craft Shop, miniature golf, Water Wars, Archery Range, Lake activities, boating, Superslide, Tubing, Fort Fun, and more!

Q: Can I request a friend to be in my cabin with me?

Yes. When you register, you will be allowed to choose one person to room with you.

Q: How many people will be in my cabin with me?

Most cabins will have seven campers and one counselor.