Help us brighten up the iconic Fremont Inn

The Fremont Inn burst on the scene making a huge splash at The Wilds when it opened in the fall of 1994. It was fittingly named after Dr. Walter Fremont, who loved The Wilds before there was a Wilds! He prayed with Ken Hay every week for 10 years for a quality camp to be established in the Southeast. After the camp’s beginning, he was the champion of a dream for couples and families to enjoy God’s creation together on this beautiful property. That dream has given a wonderful experience for thousands of campers.

Fast forward to 2022. We realize that most major motel chains redo rooms about every seven years. Because our guests take care of the room like it was their own, and because our staff has worked very hard to keep things clean and in repair, our Fremont Inn rooms have done well—until now. The rooms are showing evidence of great fatigue from doing their jobs well.

The popcorn ceilings have to go, the carpeting is overdue for replacement, the chairs may be closer to decline rather than recline, and the wallpaper border—let’s not even talk about it! You get the idea!

Will you help us brighten up, dress up, and freshen up the iconic Fremont Inn? So many critical things have come before this project, but our 52 rooms need serious “love.” You have been so patient, and we’re ready to make the project happen as soon as possible. We all love what the Fremont Inn has done for the ministry of The Wilds. Please help us make this building sparkle again. We have set aside some funds, but we realize there are many things we could do if others would help us boost this project. Would you be willing to help us reach our goal of $110,000? We look forward to seeing how the Lord will help us complete this project!

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