Trailer Lift

Our bucket truck that has been such a vital tool for so many projects around the campsite is starting to let us down…and replacement parts are getting harder to find. We’d like to purchase a trailer lift that would be more versatile for work such as cleaning and painting buildings, fixing pole lights, hanging camp banners and décor, and trimming trees. Would you consider helping “lift” us toward the needed amount of $50,000?

Planned Giving

Planned Giving is a charitable donation in the form of gifts of cash, equity, or property that can be given during a donor’s lifetime or as part of their estate planning. This type of giving not only helps keep The Wilds mission operating for years to come, but can also provide financial flexibility and potential tax benefits to the donor.

Summer Partner Program

Every summer The Wilds of North Carolina and The Wilds of New England hire over 300 enthusiastic college-age staff members to serve during the summer camp season. Our goal for the Summer Partner Program is for each summer staffer to raise at least $750. By partnering with a staff member with your tax-deductible donation, you not only help support a staff member, but you also help us keep our camper fees as low as possible.

Other Projects

Needs Corner

“The Needs Corner” itemizes multiple specific needs in our various ministries. The majority of the items listed would enhance the experience of our campers but are not a necessity; therefore they are not being purchased through our normal budgeting process. Thank you for your consideration to help meet one or more of these needs.

Living Memorials

This category of giving is for gifts made either “in memory of” loved ones or “in honor of” individuals, couples, groups, or businesses. Often friends of the ministry request that memorial gifts be made to The Wilds in lieu of flowers at a funeral. We call them “Living Memorials” because they are invested to purchase or construct things that will be used to minister in the lives of campers for several years.


The Wilds, The Wilds of New England, and The Wilds CampsAbroad have churches, individuals, businesses, and others who give regularly toward whatever the needs might be of that specific ministry. These gifts are used to offset expenses, supplement areas of shortfall, provide scholarships, or a host of other needs within that particular ministry. These donors are at the heart of the ministry and give their gifts with the direction and understanding that the administrative management of The Wilds can best make the decision of where within the ministry to invest their donation.

Contact us at (864) 268-4760 to become a sustainer.

Staff Retirement

This project is designed to help the long-term staff members living on the campsite at The Wilds have the comfort and security of a home of their own after they are no longer active in this ministry. Their present housing situation is somewhat unique as The Wilds has provided a home for them during their many active years of ministry on the campsite. Prayerfully consider how God might use you to help these faithful servants who have truly given themselves to help meet the needs of others.

Camper Scholarships

As we serve over 12,000 summer campers domestically each summer, many of these are from unsaved, unchurched backgrounds. Donations given to this fund will be used in their entirety to specifically supply scholarships for these campers who will then be followed up by a local church.

The Wilds CampsAbroad

The Wilds CampsAbroad is the official missions arm of The Wilds. CampsAbroad helps ministries around the world establish camp programs that glorify God, build up believers, and reach people for Christ. Through this ministry, we provide training and assistance to help national ministry leaders lay the foundations for effective camping ministries. Our involvement in each camp is temporary (we aren’t involved with the long-term operation of any camp) and we don’t financially support any camp, though we do provide training free of charge. Your donations help fund trips that provide this training to ministries around the world.

The Wilds of New England

Located in Deering, New Hampshire, The Wilds of New England serves churches in the New England area with a wide variety of camping programs. While it is smaller than our North Carolina campsite, our New England campsite has many of the same needs. Whether you become a monthly sustainer, take part in our SPP (Summer Partner Program), or give to a specific fundraiser, your gifts will enable The Wilds of New England to reach as many juniors and teens as possible with the precious gospel of God’s amazing grace.

General Fund

Many friends of our different ministries give occasionally to “wherever it is most needed,” and that is what General Fund gifts are used for. The Wilds, The Wilds of New England, and The Wilds CampsAbroad all have regular (sometimes very unexpected) needs that must be met, and our friends giving to the General Fund have helped us meet those needs.

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  Tax Information

The Wilds is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to The Wilds are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.


Call our donations department at (864) 331-3267 or contact us online for more information.