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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Spring Camps Update

Lord willing, we plan to host our scheduled camps this spring, and we are committed to presenting the same Truth and love of God in a refreshing, Christ-honoring atmosphere. Of course state requirements may cause camp to look different, but we are carefully following the guidelines to provide a safe camp experience. While we obviously cannot guarantee that no one will be infected with COVID-19 while at camp, we are carefully following the requirements of our state and local health agencies to provide a safe camp experience.

Click on the links below to find out more about the camps we are offering this spring and register to attend.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: Will I have to wear a mask?
A: Yes, under the current NC requirements, all staff and campers will need to wear a face covering indoors or when they may be within 6 feet of another person outdoors unless an exemption applies.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the size of camps?
A: Under current NC requirements, we are limited in how many campers we can have in a building. For some of our spring camps we will offer a satellite building for viewing services, and for others we are limiting the number of campers that can attend.

Q: Do you anticipate having to cancel any more camps?
A: If we have learned anything during this time, it’s that one of the only constants in this environment is change. While we have carefully modified our camp programs to fit within current guidelines, we cannot guarantee those guidelines will not change.

Q: How can I help The Wilds at this time?
A: As always, we covet and greatly appreciate your prayers. While the challenges of not having camps and loss of income were great in 2020, God showered The Wilds with His grace by providing many friends who gave financially to help us through this time. We continue to trust God and seek wisdom from Him. If you or your church would like to donate funds to help meet the ongoing deficit needs, please click here.

Summer Questions

Q: What will this summer look like?
A: We remain committed to keeping all campers safe and healthy this summer while providing a fun-filled, Christ-focused experience. We will honor the North Carolina state requirements, which may entail masks and social distancing measures.

Q: What will camper interactions look like?
A: Campers will be able interact with other campers and sponsors while following face covering and social distancing measures. Within their cabin of up to 7 other campers, social distancing will not be required. We do not anticipate using camper crews or activity zones this summer.

Q: When will masks be required?
A: Current NC requirements specify that a mask should be worn at all times unless socially distanced outdoors or with only those in your cabin unless another exemption applies. Campers will be encouraged to temporarily remove their face covering should at any time it become uncomfortable to breathe.

Q: Are there any capacity limits?
A: Both the overall camp capacity as well as that of specific buildings such as the stores and Dining Hall will be limited to provide adequate space for social distancing. We encourage campers to register as early as possible to reserve their spot.

Video Updates

State of the Camp Update from Ken Collier (July 2020)

State of the Camp Update from Willie Partin (August 2020)

Trust in Him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before Him: God is a refuge for us.
(Psalm 62:8)