About The Wilds

General Information


Housing for each program may vary. Accommodations are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis after the completed registration form and deposit are received in our office. If the requested accommodation is full, we will confirm the next type of housing available (see accommodations section for details) and put you on standby for your first choice. You will receive a confirmation receipt once your registration has been processed.

What to Bring

Bible, bedding, pillow, towels, toiletries, camera, casual clothes, and shoes for informal services and recreation. Bedding, pillows, and towels are provided in the Lodge and Inn accommodations only, unless specific camp information indicates differently. Please note that an ATM is available on the campsite for your convenience.

What Not to Bring

Tobacco, alcoholic beverages, TVs, guns, or ammunition.

Men/Boys Note

Long pants and shirts with collars are suggested for evening and Sunday services. Fashions to the knee may be worn for activity times.

Ladies/Girls Note

Knee-length skirts or dresses are encouraged for evening and Sunday services (slits must not come above the knee). Any fashion worn must come at least to the top of the knee and cover the shoulders. Low necklines (front or back) are not acceptable camp attire. Loose-fitting pants, jeans, or knee-length fashions may be worn for activity times. The Wilds reserves the right to ask anyone to change his or her outfit if, in the estimation of the staff, it does not comply with these standards.

Christian Conduct

As a Christian organization, The Wilds maintains high standards of conduct and separation. Any uncooperative or noncompliant camper is subject to dismissal. Campers who use tobacco, alcohol, or any form of illegal drugs will be discharged.

Lost & Found

Lost items not requested in 30 days will be disposed of.


All meals are included in the price of the conferences. Those on special diets must bring their own necessary supplements that can be prepared in a microwave.

Airport Arrivals

The closest airport is in Asheville, NC (AVL). The Wilds provides a shuttle service by advance arrangement only. Rates are available upon request. Call the camp office at (828) 884-7811 to make arrangements.

Online Registration

Online registration is available for our spring, summer and fall camps. Please visit wilds.org/register to begin the process.

Late Arrival

If your arrival is delayed, please phone the camp office at (828) 884-7811 to hold your reservation. Those who arrive after 8:00 p.m. without previous notice may lose their housing priority and be asked to stay in other facilities. Meals can be held no later than one hour after the scheduled meal time.

How to Register

Instructions are outlined in each of our brochures to fax, mail, or e-mail a registration form (located in the brochure) along with the deposit to The Wilds Corporate Office.