Preaching God & I Time Counselors

Hearing from God's Word

For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.
— 1 Corinthians 1:18

Each camp includes consistent, purposefully scheduled opportunities for the preaching of the Word. Services usually begin with music, including singing by the campers and special music prepared by The Wilds staff. During the summer, most evening services finish with an invitation for campers to talk to a counselor and receive specific encouragement on how to take their next step.

God & I Time

Each day, the camp schedule reserves approximately 30 minutes for Bible study. During this special time, campers have the opportunity to focus on God’s Word in a place that’s free from the noise and distractions of routine life.

For our teen and junior camps, the counselor reviews what was studied to encourage cabin discussion and to help campers apply what they’ve learned.


For teen and junior camps, each camper, along with five to eight other campers, will have the opportunity to develop a relationship with a counselor. The small camper-counselor ratio allows counselors to have a focused time of spiritual discussion with each of their campers. During this time, the counselor asks specific questions to help the camper see what areas of their life need to change to be more like Christ.

Throughout the week, the counselor shares nightly devotionals and encourages biblical cabin discussions. After each service, and whenever needed, the camper’s counselor is available to help them take the next step in their walk with God.

Have Fun

Games Archery The Ballfield Basketball The Blob Boating & Canoeing Courtside Disc Golf Fort Fun Funtime Gameroom Gameshow GaZEEball The Giant Swing GHQ Hiking Human Foosball The Land Trolley Laser Tag Mini-Golf Sand Volleyball Soccer Arena The Summit Superslide Swimming Tube Slide Tubing Turtle Rock Waterfalls Water Trolley Water Wars 3rd Falls Zip


Providing a fun atmosphere helps break down barriers and encourage relationship building that can be used to share Christ’s love. Our games are a big part of that atmosphere. The Wilds is known for our creative games – many are invented right here on the campsite. Whatever game you play, you are sure to enjoy the energy and fun of our unique games


Outfitted with a range of state-of-the-art compound bows, the Archery Range offers tremendous fun for campers of all ages! Collect your arrows from the check-out counter at Courtside and see who can hit the most bullseyes!

This activity is supervised by a Wilds staff member and is available during teen and adult camps.

The Ballfield

From Bigball to Cat in the Hat, to soccer and Disc Golf, everything takes place on The Wilds Ballfield. Make your way down the hill from the Lodge and join the fun!

This activity is available to all campers.


Challenge your friends to a round of H-O-R-S-E or even a full-court game! The Wilds offers two regulation-size basketball courts for you to enjoy, as well as Tall-Man Basketball, which features 6 and 9 foot goals. Now anyone can realize their dream of dunking that basketball!!

This activity is available to all campers.

The Blob

A huge 30′ inflatable pillow sits in The Wilds Lake waiting for you to launch your friends into the air! After you send your friend splashing into the water, it is your turn for a ride!

This activity is available to all campers when it is open.

Boating & Canoeing

Our seven-acre Lake is a great place to enjoy a relaxing “cruise” out to the island on a canoe or kayak or enjoy an exciting paddleboat race. Fishing is also available on a catch-and-release basis.

This activity is available to all campers when it is open.


Grab a drink from the vending machines and relax in the shade while watching your friends ride the Giant Swing or play a round of Mini-Golf.  Arrows for the Archery Range, putters and balls for Mini-Golf, and Disc Golf discs can be obtained at the Courtside checkout counter.

This activity is available to all campers.

Disc Golf

Disc Golf (or Frisbee® golf) is played much like traditional golf. Instead of a ball and clubs, however, players use a flying disc, or Frisbee. The Wilds features a 9-hole course that winds its way through the lower part of the campsite. From the first hole beside the Dorm to the last hole next to Courtside, The Wilds Disc Golf course is an easy, relaxing adventure for the entire family!

This activity is available to all campers.

Fort Fun

Built exclusively for Junior Boot Campers, Fort Fun is a one-of-a-kind oversized playground, featuring an obstacle course with ropes, ladders, swings, and a climbing wall. A counselor or other qualified adult supervises all the activities at Fort Fun.

This activity is available to Junior Boot Camp campers.


We have two main goals for our campers. We want them to grow closer to the Lord, and we want them to have lots of fun! From the youngest to the oldest camper, everyone likes to laugh! Funtime has been a tradition at The Wilds since the camp’s beginning in 1969, regardless of the time of year. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some crazy skits, never-before-seen inventions, and wacky songs!

This activity is available during teen and adult camps.


Challenge your friends to the many games offered in the air-conditioned Gameroom! Air Hockey, Foosball, and the always popular Carpetball provide plenty of fun for everyone. Located underneath the Fireplace Room in the Lodge, the Gameroom is a center of activity.

This activity is available during teen and adult camps.


The Junior Boot Camp Gameshow is unlike anything you’ve ever seen! Fun challenges, hilarious skits, silly songs, and awesome surprises are around every corner. You never know, you just might get a chance to steal the spotlight on the Gameshow and become a contestant!

This activity is available to Junior Boot Camp campers.


Defend your section of the GaZEEball platform while attempting to score against the opposing team. Watch out, the ball might just disappear below the deck! Everybody down! Where did it go?! There it is! Quick, throw it in the goal before the other team comes back up!

This activity is available to all campers.

The Giant Swing

Get ready for the ride of your life! This 65′ swing will send chills down the heartiest of spines. The crowd counts down as you rise higher and higher…3-2-1…scream! Flying through the air above Mini-Golf, the Giant Swing offers a one-of-a-kind view of the Ballfield, Basketball Courts, Courtside, and many other attractions. Be sure to grab a friend for a ride while you’re here at camp!

This activity is available to rising 7th graders who are at least 11 years old and older.


The Junior Boot Camp General Headquarters (GHQ) is a hub of action and fun! Some of its outdoor activities include tetherball, basketball, and 2 v. 2 soccer. Brave the Dodge ‘em Pit for some fast-paced dodgeball or check out some of our larger-than-life games like Connect-4, checkers, and Jenga. Find out if you are ready for your professional racing debut at the RC Track where you can race remote control cars with other campers. Ready for some more extreme adventures? Climb, slide, balance, and swing your way through Basic Training, our junior-sized obstacle course, or run the Commando Trails with your counselor and cabin. Or gear up for Gellyball where you race to be the first to shoot all the targets and change them to your team’s color!

Inside the GHQ, campers can get out of the sun and enjoy cool air-conditioning as they play air hockey, carpet ball, or foosball, scale the bouldering wall, or shoot hoops in our arcade-styled booth. Hungry? Pop over to the Canteen for a tasty treat!

This activity is available to Junior Boot Camp campers.


With over 1,000 acres, The Wilds features many hiking trails for campers to enjoy. Some of the trails end at our beautiful waterfalls, while others offer spectacular views of nearby Lake Jocassee and the surrounding area. Get outside and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation!

This activity is available to all campers.

Human Foosball

Any time you would like to get a kick out of life, head to our one-of-a-kind Foosball arena. This activity is lighted so it can be enjoyed during the day or night.

This activity is available to all campers.

The Land Trolley

Pick up your equipment at the base of the trolley and then head up the hill for your smooth 425′ descent back to the landing pad. Cruise over the basketball courts and enjoy a one-of-a-kind view from the Land Trolley!

This activity is available to campers 5 years old and older.

Laser Tag

A high-quality game experience for our teen and adult campers, Laser Tag offers a variation of game modes in a unique, safe setting. High-powered blasters and quality sensors allow for both daytime and evening games from close range or long-distance, and no additional gear is needed. Come check it out for yourself!

This activity is available during teen and adult camps.


The Wilds 18-hole lighted miniature golf course has become a favorite for campers of all ages! Situated next to the Giant Swing, the course is challenging enough for the experienced golfer, but simple enough for the smallest child to enjoy.

This activity is available to all campers.

Sand Volleyball

Grab a couple of friends, kick off your shoes, and hit the sand! Our three lighted sand volleyball courts provide a great way to get some exercise while having a blast. Serve it up and hit around just for fun or “Bump-Set-Spike!” in tight competition—the choice is yours.

This activity is available to all campers.

Soccer Arena

Our Soccer Arena is located on the backside of the Activity Center, and it’s the perfect size for soccer with a smaller group. The size, walls, and turf make for a fast-paced game play reminiscent of indoor soccer that is perfect for soccer fans everywhere.

This activity is available to all campers.

The Summit

If you enjoy a challenge, you will love our ropes and wire course. Build trust within your group and learn teamwork as you complete the course together. Set a goal and feel the joy of conquering an event!

This activity is available during teen and adult camps.


One of the original activities at The Wilds, the Superslide is a favorite of many campers on a hot summer afternoon. Enjoy the thrill, the chill of the hill as you hit speeds close to 30 miles per hour. The Superslide is sure to cool you off after a busy day of taking part in all the other activities!

This activity is available to all campers when it is open.


Our swimming area is full of great activities. You may choose to be daring and jump from the 25′ Jump-off Tower or get catapulted from The Blob. Maybe you would prefer the exhilarating Water Trolley or Tube Slide. All are available with certified lifeguard supervision.

This activity is available to all campers when it is open.

Tube Slide

A little shorter than its big cousin the Superslide, the Tube Slide at the Lake is tons of fun with a slight twist. Grab your inner tube and see just how far across the Lake you can glide without wiping out.

This activity is available to all campers when it is open.


Nothing is more enjoyable than the relaxing sound of a rippling mountain creek. So grab your tube and listen to the peaceful sounds of Toxaway Creek as you float along. But don’t get lulled to sleep! As you round the last bend of the creek, you must choose whether you will exit the creek or endure the gauntlet of Water Wars!

This activity is available to all campers when it is open.

Turtle Rock

Did you know about this hidden vantage point? To find it, trek across the grassy area to the right of the Lake to find stairs that lead to a beautiful vista overlooking the Lake. While you’re up there, don’t forget to see if you can figure out why we call it Turtle Rock!

This activity is available to all campers.


Known as the “Land of Waterfalls,” Transylvania County, North Carolina (home to The Wilds) features more waterfalls than any other locale in the United States. Many people are surprised to learn that The Wilds has many of our own waterfalls. After Toxaway Creek makes its way through the campsite, it continues on over 4 significant drops in elevation, creating our 4 more prominent waterfalls plus our 30′ Shoals. Downstream from the Shoals is the 25′ 1st Falls, followed by the 35′ 2nd Falls. The 45′ 3rd Falls is a short distance further downstream, followed by the crown jewel, the 125′ 4th Falls. Junior Campers have the choice to visit either the Shoals or 1st Falls, while the Teen Campers have the option of visiting either 2nd Falls or 4th Falls during their visit.

This activity is available to all campers.

*Please note that hiking on The Wilds property is for our paying campers only. Please call our camp office if you have further questions.

Water Trolley

Enjoy a spectacular view while you fly through the air above the Lake. Race a friend to the end or see who can go the farthest. The Water Trolley is great fun for any age!

This activity is available to all campers when it is open.

Water Wars

Located just behind the Giant Swing, 12 water cannons are positioned along the creek banks and above the creek on the bridge where bold gunners blast one another (and unsuspecting tubers!) with cold, crisp, mountain water at 48 bursts a minute! Anyone brave enough to withstand the deluge of Water Wars is in for a refreshing water fight. Last man standing wins!

This activity is available to all campers when it is open.

3rd Falls Zip

Our zipline has 2 sections with a combined length of 1,400′. The Zip gives the rider an awesome view of 3rd Falls and the Jocassee River Gorge.

If you can’t quite stomach the 250′ height, no worries! We also have a 2-story observation deck overlooking the waterfall and both ziplines so you can participate in the action from a distance and still get a beautiful view of this rarely seen waterfall.

This activity is available to rising 7th graders who are at least 11 years old and older.

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General Store Craft Shop Canteen & JBC Store

General Store

The Wilds General Store features the latest music releases from The Wilds, t-shirts, hats, books, as well as things you might have left at home (like toothpaste!). The General Store, located between the Dining Hall and the Lodge, opened for business in May 2010 and is a wonderful tool to provide resources to our campers.

This is available during teen and adult camps.

Craft Shop

Our Craft Shop is full of many finished and unfinished creative products for folks of all ages, including leather work, painting, jewelry-making, and more. Support your team by making red, blue, or green items or by purchasing team-themed accessories!

This activity is available to all campers.

Canteen & JBC Store

Candy and ice cream and snacks, oh my! Exclusively designed for Junior Boot Camp, the Canteen is a child’s dream come to life. Fully stocked with novelty candy, unique ice cream flavors, and more, Junior campers are sure to find something that will hit the spot!

During the summer, Junior campers can purchase team gear, Jr. Bible studies, stuffed animals, and fun toys that are designed for their age. Cheerful cashiers are on hand to help campers with their purchases.

This activity is available to Junior Boot Camp campers.


Dining Hall The Snack Cool Beans

Dining Hall

We hear all the time that our food is awesome! We promise that you will not go hungry. Our kitchen staff does a wonderful job of serving balanced meals that are sure to fill you up. While some of our meals are served outside, most are served family style in the Dining Hall which means you get to sit down and enjoy the meal while your smiling waitress brings the food to your table (no waiting in line or getting back in line for seconds). You can imagine that a table full of senior high guys can keep a waitress pretty busy bringing back thirds and fourths!

The Snack

What do ice cream, candy bars, and popcorn all have in common? They are available in The Snack. Located below the Fireplace Room in the Lodge, The Snack is ready to serve you! Stop by any afternoon, and we would be more than happy to help!

This is available during teen and adult camps.

Cool Beans

Cool Beans Coffee Shoppe is a cozy place to get away and enjoy a great cup of coffee and conversation with friends. Choose from a wide selection of great tasting coffee, tea, Italian crème sodas, freezes, boba tea, and other treats.

Beep, beep, coming through! Make way for the mobile Cool Beans Express! It comes to you fully stocked with boba tea, Italian crème sodas, and IZZE drinks. Look for it by the Junior Boot Camp Canteen or down by Courtside.

Cool Beans is available during teen and adult camps and the Cool Beans Express is only available during summer camp.

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