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I was at The Wilds this past week I was part of the largest JBC group you've ever had. My sister is Amelia and Big Bob even remembered her name from 2 years ago. I'm sharing my camp testimony now at my church, and I wanted to thank you so much. I'll surely come back soon!

Madelyn, Present Camper

Dr. Hay said it right, "The Holy Spirit just took over... As a grandfather of 12 and father of 8, I hope and pray The Wilds will be here serving God's people for many more years to come. My wife and I first experienced the camp as a senior trip event in 1978 and 1979 respectively. Since then God has blessed us so that all eight of our children camped there, we ourselves a couples retreat, as a church workday to help in construction of the sleeping areas after the bird houses, two of my children as camp workers in the summer and now my first two twin granddaughters had been there. I give the glory to God for how He used The Wilds spiritually in my family and extended family. Thank you Wilds and thank God from whom all blessings flows. Amen.

Randy, Former Camper

The Wilds has had a huge impact on my life. In middle school I surrendered to do whatever God called me to do. In high school, I attended CIT and learned how to love others. During college, I worked on weekends and was mentored by the full-time staff. After college I counseled two summers and grew in my dependance on God. When I was 29 I ran into my now-husband in the dining hall during a retreat. So many key moments in my life are as a direct result of "going to camp." I'm so thankful for the faithful teaching and discipleship I've personally received from Rand, Ken, Doc, and many others. The Wilds has truly impacted my life.

Esther, Former Staff & Camper

I was blessed by God to be trained in counseling at The Wilds in the early eighties of the last century. But the biggest blessing was God’s work in me while I was serving. I was passionate about the gospel and young people, but I needed to grow to be more like Christ in my patience, moderation, and wisdom. While we all continue to fail in these qualities, I remember making significant progress in these areas because of my mentors at The Wilds. Early on I was so competitive at games, I fear I hurt the gospel’s effectiveness with some of my campers. God is so good and powerful that I still saw many campers follow Christ and grow. What an honor to work, and be worked on, there for two summers. Some godly men that I think were a help are Bob Kern, Steve Tompkins, and Cal Mair. My wife, Janet Heiss Conover, also served a summer there. We have used what we learned at The Wilds in our 34 years of full time ministry.

As a youth pastor in the south, I was able to take teens to camp for a few years. We saw God work in their lives. The Wilds, and now TWNE, where we have taken teens from PA, have been places of consistent values, strong preaching, safe activities, and caring staff. We will continue to support The Wilds.

I also thank God that my children walk in truth, and that The Wilds’ experiences they have had contributed to their growth. All five of our children have attended camps. When my youngest attends CIT this summer, then all five will have attended CIT. What an eternal impact that level of training has had. Three of my children were also privileged to serve as summer counselors. They grew through that, and made friends for life with others there. One daughter is serving with her husband, former Wilds counselor, at a church in Lakeland, FL. Another daughter is engaged to a former TWNE staff member whom she met at camp. How about that for making godly friends for life!! I am blessed.

I thank God for The Wilds, and for His grace to allow me to be impacted by the people and programs of The Wilds and TWNE.

John, Pastor & Former Staff

I am proud to say that I am going to be at The Wilds the first week for Teen Camp for the 5th year in a row! The Wilds has been an amazing experience each year and only gets better. The music is focused on God and not the people. It is BEAUTIFUL to hear all the counselors sing and the musicians play. It sounds like angels. The preaching is powerful and convicting. Each year that I have gone the preachers have a heart for teens. They want you to grow in Christ and be saved! I hear so many teenagers say, "No one knows what I am going through!" But at The Wilds, when the preachers preach, I feel like I am sitting and having a one-on-one conversation with someone who has known me my whole life. The games, music, preaching, food, and staff is all amazing and a blessing to be able to experience. I would recommend this camp to everyone. I am excited for my 5th week at The Wilds and can't wait to see what God has in store for me and hundreds of other teens! God bless this camp and I pray that He uses it for a VERY long time!

Jordan, Camper

The Wilds is an experience unlike any other. The genuine goodness, desire to worship, and to cast praise back to their Jesus permeates everything the staff does. My camp weeks there made a lasting impression and helped ground my faith and love for Jesus. Not to mention it’s just straight up fun! I could never get enough of the games!!
Now as a Mom I drive my two daughters - just old enough last summer for Junior Boot Camp - 1000 miles so they can attend this wonderful camp. We’re coming in July and we can’t wait!! I am so thankful for this camp and the wonderful people who make it just a sweet haven of goodness. Thank you for pouring into me, and now my girls. Means the world.

Katherine, Former Camper & Camper Parent

I did not know about The Wilds as a teenager, but I have been as a youth leader/sponsor for nearly 20 years. There has never been a summer that we did not see God work in the lives of the teenagers (and even the adults). We have had several saved at camp and we call it a "revival week" for our teenagers who are saved. There is no doubt that God is blessing The Wilds and we appreciate the leadership letting God use them to make an eternal difference in the lives of so many. It has made a tremendous impact on me as well.

Scotty - Youth Leader at Marler Road Baptist Church

Dr. Hay's interview video above was a great blessing! It evidences the true reason for the success of The Wilds. Yes, the place is great. Yes, the program is great. Yes, the people are great. But above all that, the Biblical philosophy is great! Dr. Hay's interview shows the emphasis on prayer and the power of God's Spirit upon the work. If we continue the fervent quality and quantity prayer times that Dr. Hay described as birthing The Wilds, the greatest days are still ahead. If we continue to exalt the Word of God above all else, both in preaching and in example, souls will continue to be saved and lives will continue to be changed by the Lord Jesus Christ. If we plead for and depend upon the filling and power of God's Spirit, the Lord will continue to do things through The Wilds that can only be explained by saying, "Our great God did that!"

Marc, Pastor & Former Staff

I had never heard of The Wilds until TWR staff started attending the church my dad pastored in Steamboat Springs, CO. The staff was small and very busy, but they took time to reach out to me personally. The full-time staff members would meet with me, invite me over, or just take time to ask me about my walk with the Lord. It was really life-changing to have friends that wanted to see me grow and change to be more like Jesus. The summer before my senior year of college I got to finally be on summer staff at The Wilds of the Rockies. It was a life-changing experience. Staff training week was so fun, but it was also such a time of growing and stretching spiritually. Dr. Hay, Ken Collier, Mrs. Hay, and others poured Scripture into us, challenged us to check our beliefs, and encouraged us to be more like our Savior, Jesus Christ. I am extremely grateful for TWR for it was there I made spiritual life-changing decisions, met amazing life-long friends, met my wonderful husband, and enjoyed being on staff for 5 summers. I will ALWAYS be grateful to God for the things I learned, friends I made, and the memories I have from my time at The Wilds of the Rockies and The Wilds in NC.

Tammy, Former Staff

I attended summer camp at The Wilds several years during the 1980s. I returned there in in the spring of 2017 as a chaperone for a Senior Trip. I was delighted to find that, while a few components had changed, but the important parts have stayed the same. Activities include, but are not limited to, zip lining, white water rafting, hiking, craft making, scrumptious dining, and, of course, the same old time Gospel preaching. I am excited as I plan to return again to chaperone another senior trip.

Melissa, Former Camper/Sponsor

I attended camp here as a teenager in the late 1970's. I loved this place and had so much fun. The best part was that I learned more about my Lord and Savior and I was challenged to live the life of a Christian teenager.

Deborah, Former Camper

This year is my son’s second year of Junior Boot Camp! He loves it! He talked about camp and the fun he had there for a whole year once he came home. Thank you to The Wilds staff and counselors for making some amazing memories for my son. My other kids can’t wait until they are old enough to go to camp!

Sonja, Camper Parent

My favorite place on earth. Every one of God’s servants at The Wilds exudes the love of God. The Word of God permeates every moment of the day and the beauty of His creation surrounds you. God is everywhere all the time, but His presence just seems to be magnified here. I thank God for this ministry. They are such a blessing to me, our young people and our church. If you’ve never been, you need to register today!

Andy, Youth Pastor

One of the best Christian camps in the USA. God called me into full-time youth ministry here at age 16 (in 1979).

Ken, Former Camper

I was Operational Staff as a waitress during the summer of '99. It was the best summer ever! 3 generations of my family have been influenced by this AMAZING ministry!

April, Former Staff