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I had never heard of The Wilds until TWR staff started attending the church my dad pastored in Steamboat Springs, CO. The staff was small and very busy, but they took time to reach out to me personally. The full-time staff members would meet with me, invite me over, or just take time to ask me about my walk with the Lord. It was really life-changing to have friends that wanted to see me grow and change to be more like Jesus. The summer before my senior year of college I got to finally be on summer staff at The Wilds of the Rockies. It was a life-changing experience. Staff training week was so fun, but it was also such a time of growing and stretching spiritually. Dr. Hay, Ken Collier, Mrs. Hay, and others poured Scripture into us, challenged us to check our beliefs, and encouraged us to be more like our Savior, Jesus Christ. I am extremely grateful for TWR for it was there I made spiritual life-changing decisions, met amazing life-long friends, met my wonderful husband, and enjoyed being on staff for 5 summers. I will ALWAYS be grateful to God for the things I learned, friends I made, and the memories I have from my time at The Wilds of the Rockies and The Wilds in NC.

Tammy, Former Staff

I attended summer camp at The Wilds several years during the 1980s. I returned there in in the spring of 2017 as a chaperone for a Senior Trip. I was delighted to find that, while a few components had changed, but the important parts have stayed the same. Activities include, but are not limited to, zip lining, white water rafting, hiking, craft making, scrumptious dining, and, of course, the same old time Gospel preaching. I am excited as I plan to return again to chaperone another senior trip.

Melissa, Former Camper/Sponsor

I attended camp here as a teenager in the late 1970's. I loved this place and had so much fun. The best part was that I learned more about my Lord and Savior and I was challenged to live the life of a Christian teenager.

Deborah, Former Camper

This year is my son’s second year of Junior Boot Camp! He loves it! He talked about camp and the fun he had there for a whole year once he came home. Thank you to The Wilds staff and counselors for making some amazing memories for my son. My other kids can’t wait until they are old enough to go to camp!

Sonja, Camper Parent

My favorite place on earth. Every one of God’s servants at The Wilds exudes the love of God. The Word of God permeates every moment of the day and the beauty of His creation surrounds you. God is everywhere all the time, but His presence just seems to be magnified here. I thank God for this ministry. They are such a blessing to me, our young people and our church. If you’ve never been, you need to register today!

Andy, Youth Pastor

One of the best Christian camps in the USA. God called me into full-time youth ministry here at age 16 (in 1979).

Ken, Former Camper

I was Operational Staff as a waitress during the summer of '99. It was the best summer ever! 3 generations of my family have been influenced by this AMAZING ministry!

April, Former Staff