The Wilds Staff

What Is Summer Staff?

Each year The Wilds hires approximately 275 high school and college-age students to help staff our 11 weeks of summer ministry. Half of these positions are counselors and the other half are operational staff, such as lifeguards, waitresses, kitchen staff, nurses, maintenance, landscape, housekeeping, Craft Shop, The Snack, and Cool Beans Coffee Shoppe workers.

Our Board of Directors has set a policy that a potential staff member must have completed a year of college or our CIT (Camper-In-Training) Leadership Program, which is offered in the summer.

Once you arrive, you will receive one week of intense staff training and then 10 weeks of hands-on practical experience. There is no question that working at The Wilds for a summer is a life-changing experience!

How Can I Work on Summer Staff?

You will first need to complete an application. You can either do that online or fill out and return a paper application. The earlier you can get the application back to us, the better (early fall is best). Once we receive your application, we will start the recommendation process. We will contact your pastor or youth pastor and your college for their recommendation on your preparedness for working at a youth camp. Although most staffing decisions are made by the first of the year, we do accept applications through late spring as we generally are still filling a few positions at that time.

Please note that most communication is done via email; please be sure to include a regularly checked email address.


If you have been asked to provide a recommendation for a summer staff applicant, you will receive a form in the mail. You can also download a copy to print and fill-out. Please mail your form to the North Carolina campsite address or email to .


Follow this link to access important dates and assignments for 2017 summer staff. You will need the password communicated to you in order to access it.